How the Texas Best Construction Award is being used to promote Trump’s policies

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Austin, said he was “deeply concerned” about the way the state’s best construction award was being used in a series by the Texas Construction Association.

The association has been criticized for being overly partisan in its politics and it has a history of making the most favorable construction proposals.

Castro tweeted, “What an outrage.

The TCA award for best construction is being put to partisan use.

Not for a good cause, but to give a partisan, anti-Trump message.”

He also wrote, “It’s time for a change in the TCA.”

The TCA has been accused of being an activist group that has taken a political stance that favors Trump.

The award is awarded to projects that meet criteria of “compelling design, engineering, construction, and operation.”

The award was established in 2008 by the American Society of Civil Engineers, but the TCEA has also had a long history of supporting Trump and his policies.