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This is part of our weekly coverage of the construction industry.

The construction industry is a big deal.

While we do not get to cover all of the things that are happening in the construction sector, we do cover a lot of them.

This week, we’ll be taking a look at a contract work boot called “Elite Construction”.

It’s a contract worker-based boot that provides a high-end level of protection.

If you want to work at a higher level of comfort and safety, this is the contract work shoe for you.

The company offers a $100,000 bonus to workers with a 3-year contract.

They also offer an $8,000 pay raise to employees who complete 3 years of service.

Here are the perks of a construction worker-only boot: A minimum of 4 months of service is required to be eligible for the boot.

‘We can’t do this’: Thousands march on U.S. Capitol in protest over Keystone XL oil pipeline

Protesters marched through the U.N. headquarters building in New York on Wednesday, a day after the White House rejected the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline, saying it would endanger “critical infrastructure.”

“It’s a sad day for America when a government agency like the U,S.

government has decided that it can’t even meet its own stated goal of protecting our national security,” said protester Stephanie Dann.

“We can do this.”

Dann was among the protesters who marched through downtown Manhattan.

In a statement, the protesters called on President Barack Obama to reject the pipeline, which would carry Alberta tar sands crude oil from Canada’s oil sands region to refineries in Texas.

“The President has shown that he has no interest in building an economy based on the prosperity of all Americans,” the statement said.

“Instead, he has put his personal interest and political agenda ahead of the safety and security of American citizens.

We demand that President Obama reject this pipeline, and that the United States be held accountable for any and all threats that it poses to our nation’s vital infrastructure.”

A White House statement later issued a similar message.

“We reject the Keystone XL project.

We reject the dangerous, dangerous and dangerous TransCanada pipeline,” the White the statement read.

“The Keystone XL proposal would lead to the further diversion of U.