Building inspector warns of ‘catastrophic’ risks

Building inspector in a New York City building department said that he and his colleagues in the department are currently experiencing a “catastrophe” with the way the building has been going.

According to the report, an inspection team found “significant structural defects” with a building inspector who had recently retired.

The building inspector told the inspector that his department is experiencing “catabolic growth” and that “they are dealing with structural issues that could result in structural collapse and collapse of other structures in the future.”

He told the inspectors that there was a need for “enhanced and continuous monitoring of the building system and its components to ensure that structural problems do not escalate.”

The report also detailed how the building inspector was told to “keep an eye on the code” and to “check and maintain” the building code.

“As a result of this review, I have advised that the inspector should not work on new projects in the City of New York,” the report reads.

“The inspector is responsible for the integrity of the code, which means ensuring that the building does not fall into disrepair, and ensuring that it does not collapse into an uncontrolled fire hazard.”

The building department is currently under investigation after an internal investigation found that inspectors were instructed to ignore warnings that building codes were being breached.

The inspector, who was not named in the report due to his retirement, told the inspection team that he was “extremely concerned” by the situation.

“I am in a position to make recommendations that could have a significant impact on the integrity and security of the City’s buildings,” he said.

The department has since issued a “Notice of Compliance” to the inspector and ordered him to stop working on new construction.