The Obama administration says it will keep the federal government open for business as usual

Washington, DC — The White House said Thursday that the federal budget will remain open through December.

The Trump administration, however, said that it would close the government as soon as possible to protect the nation from “a potential pandemic.”

“The president’s administration is working closely with Congress to find a path forward that is both timely and secure,” a White House statement said.

“We will be releasing a full, balanced budget in the coming weeks, but the President will keep Congress fully informed as the process moves forward.”

The Trump administration said it would maintain the same number of government workers on the job through December 31 as it did last year, including 2,000 additional federal workers who were put on paid administrative leave as part of the government shutdown.

The administration also said that the White House will continue to help local governments in the affected states as they continue to recover from the shutdown.