How to Make a Black Construction Paper

A construction worker stands in a construction dumpster.

A man stands on the roof of a building in this construction site in this suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

A black construction worker waits for a crane to remove an unfinished structure on the side of a highway in this suburban Atlanta suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.

A construction crane is seen lifting a roof over a construction site.

A bulldozer drives through the construction site of an apartment complex in this Atlanta suburb.

Workers load up a truck with construction materials on the construction line at a construction facility in Atlanta.

A crane lifts the roof off of a construction yard.

A worker uses a crane as he prepares to work on a home in this Georgia construction site, March 16, 2020.

Workers prepare a new floor of a house in this building in an Atlanta suburb, March 17, 2020, in this photo taken March 17.

Workers work on the foundations of a home as part of a renovation project at a building site in Atlanta, March 18, 2020.(AP Photo/John Bazemore) Workers load the roof on the new floor at a new construction site as part the renovation of a Georgia construction yard in this undated photo.

Workers put up a new front entrance in this house in an undated Atlanta suburb.(AP photo/John Nolte) Workers put a new door in this apartment building in a suburban Atlanta neighborhood as part a renovation of the property.(AP File Photo) Workers prepare for a construction project in this Florida apartment complex as part an overhaul of the building.(AP file photo) Workers inspect a new entrance for a home that is being renovated in this Houston apartment complex.(APFile Photo) Construction workers put up new doors for a new apartment complex(APFile photo) Construction worker use a crane in this New York construction site.(AP: AP Photo/Alex Brandon) Workers use a bulldozer to lift a construction floor on the site of a road repair project in Atlanta.(AP/John Minchillo) Workers wait for a truck to be moved to a construction pad to move an unfinished home in a new Georgia construction project, March 11, 2020 in Atlanta’s Fulton County.(AP FILE PHOTO) Workers install a new window at a newly renovated apartment complex.(AP File photo) The work continues on a house on the front yard of a new Atlanta suburb after a crane removed the roof from the building on March 13, 2020 after an accident caused the roof to fall.(AP Photos/John Froschauer) Workers in this work area of a renovated apartment building at a Georgia suburban Atlanta apartment complex, March 15, 2020 at the site where the roof fell.(AP files photo) A construction employee stands in the construction dumpsters in a Georgia suburb of a worker was killed and an engineer was injured in an accident at a North Carolina construction site on March 12, 2020 while working on a project to complete a road project.(AP photos/John Burris) A worker works on a wall in the Atlanta suburb on March 16.

Construction workers are preparing to move a wall to a new location.

A truck carrying a crane removes the roof over the unfinished home of an elderly couple in this home in Atlanta on March 14, 2020 as part their remodeling work.

Workers wait to remove the roof for the completion of a street project in an apartment building with new windows and a new roof in Atlanta suburbon March 12.(AP) Workers remove the old roof of the unfinished project house in Atlanta metro on March 15.(APFILE PHOTO)Workers move the old building on the old road project at an Atlanta apartment building.(Courtesy: Joe Raedle)Worker wait to put up doors in an old Atlanta apartment on March 17.(AP Files Photo)A worker moves the new front door of an old building to a location of a proposed home on March 18.(APPhoto/John Boivin)Workman working on the sidewalk in the same apartment complex where a crane is on March 8.

The crane is in the way of a large construction project that is to be done by workers at an old Georgia construction dump on March 11.

Worker in the new construction project building on a sidewalk.(APPhotos: Joe Camporeale)Workmen work on an old construction project at the same location of the crane that was on March 6.

The workers are working on another part of the project.

Workers are working in a project that will be completed in a couple of weeks.

Workers are working with a crane at the location where a large crane was recently used to remove part of an unfinished roof from a house.

A new construction worker prepares to move the new roof.(AP, Joe Camporale)A construction worker uses the crane at a site of the proposed demolition of a roof in an abandoned home in the Georgia suburbs of Atlanta and Brunswick.(AP-Gerald Herbert)Work in progress in the back yard of an abandoned Atlanta apartment.

Work in Progress in the yard of the abandoned apartment.

A construction crane