New York Times bestseller: New York’s hottest new restaurant opens in Brooklyn

New York City’s hottest restaurant is opening in Brooklyn.

The Bistro de los Ojos opened on Monday in an empty storefront on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Owner Daniel Bielik said he was inspired by the area’s history and its cuisine, and decided to open his first restaurant in the city after his parents divorced.

“This is a city that was so different, so much bigger than any other place that I’ve ever been to, so I wanted to take it a step further,” Bielicki told the New York Post.

“The concept of a restaurant in New York is to bring something different and exciting to the city,” he added.

The restaurant was named after its namesake, Juan Bielak, a former president of Mexico’s national football team and one of the country’s most powerful politicians.

Bielik’s restaurant, Bistros de los ojos, is owned by Daniel Buelik, the former president’s son.

He says he has worked for his father for 30 years and was the only Mexican in his family to be a politician.

Buelik said his father, who is in his 70s, was “very focused” on food and culture.

“He was very much a man of taste and of the taste of Mexico,” he said.

The owners plan to keep the restaurant open until December and then move it to a new location.

“It will be a place that brings people together and creates an experience that you don’t often find in New Yorkers,” Buelicki said.