How Lego built Lego’s first car, then made its own construction set

Built on Lego’s own construction, Lego’s latest build, RC construction equipment, will be available to purchase in November.

Built on a 3D printer, the set will be able to be assembled on any flat surface, such as a table, a wall, or even an outdoor table.

The set is a $100 price point that will only be available online and in select brick-based stores, such a Toys ‘R’ Us and Walmart.

Lego also announced that it will be expanding its line of RC building kits to include building toys, and it will also offer a $25 “built on a Lego” discount for its own RC kit.

Lego’s construction kits are also being offered at select toy stores.

The company has previously said that the RC kits will be built with a high degree of accuracy, so that users will be unable to tell the difference between a LEGO building set and Lego construction equipment.

Lego will continue to build on its construction technology, with the company recently announcing the introduction of the RCX.

In addition to RC kits, Lego has also built some Lego models using its own 3D printers.

The new RCX will be the first Lego-built model since the RC1 in 2012.