Construction shoes make a ‘tough’ statement – BBC Sport

Construction shoes are now in fashion.

And the designer behind them is wearing them to work. 

It’s a message of strength and resilience that’s captured the hearts of many.

It’s called the ‘toughest construction shoes’ and they’re a product of Nike’s design studio, Kixx.

Its the work that’s difficult, it’s the work where the shoes are wearing out that is difficult, says Jordan McElwee, head of Kixa.

Kixx uses the Nike+ program, which gives companies a small share of revenue to help pay for their research and development and to improve the products.

“When you’re designing a product, you want to get the best possible results, but also the best user experience,” says McElwe.

The brand also uses a new, lightweight material called ‘Tougher’ to make them feel tough.

Nike+ is one of a number of Nike+ programs to be launched this year that will help pay down a portion of a company’s debt and invest in its brand.

It has also helped create a new business for the company called ‘Kixa’ that will be set up in partnership with the Australian National University and will be focused on research and innovation.

“The idea was to bring together the best in our company, with the goal of building the future of the footwear industry in Australia,” says Jordan. is now available in the US and Australia.

Its a brand of its own, which has been created by Jordan McEllwane, head and creative director of, with his partner in design, Jordan Killebrew.

“We’re looking to create something that’s going to be a brand that’s not only for people who are interested in our shoe, but the footwear world as a whole,” he says.

Jordan McElroy says the brand has been “a bit of a dream come true” since the launch of Kignal, a high-performance footwear designed for women, last year.

“Kix was the first to use Nike+ to launch a shoe, and it was a fantastic experience.

We really wanted to take our product to the next level and really take it to the world,” he said.

The shoes are made with high-tech materials, and McEllroy says they have been designed to be lightweight.

In a press release, Kignals manufacturing partner, New Balance, says the shoes “are designed to offer an ultra-light and responsive fit for comfort, durability and support”.

“For our new footwear line, we have partnered with KixX to make the Kignaling experience even better,” New Balance said.

“Our shoes are engineered to offer a responsive fit, comfort and support.

They are also lightweight and comfortable, and they will offer a more tailored look to your lifestyle.”

Kixe’s “Toughest Construction” shoes are on sale now at Kixy stores across Australia, including at the New South Wales Central Business Centre in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

The company says the “Tough Construction” line will be available for purchase by March 2019.

Jordan McEllwer, head, KIXx, said the shoes were designed to “offer the best of both worlds”.

“We wanted to deliver a shoe that’s lightweight and super strong, that also offers a comfortable fit, that is super lightweight, that’s super durable and that also has a great feel and feel like no other shoe,” he explained.

The Kix x Kix brand is set to launch an “All-in-One” line of shoes in the autumn.

A new range of “All In One” shoes will be released in the second half of the year.

You can watch the launch trailer for the new range in the video above.

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