New Construction Window Trillium Construction is now in full swing

New construction windows are now being installed at Trillum construction in the city of Melbourne.

The Trillums’ project manager, Rob Linton, said the work was the culmination of a $1.2 billion project to create the world’s first high-density, mixed-use office park in the CBD.

Trilluminas developer, Trillus, and the Australian Government invested $700 million in the project and it will begin construction this month.

The building’s construction will commence on September 17 and the project will have a completion date of November 2020.

The new construction windows at Trills construction site in Melbourne.

Photo: Andrew Meares, AAPA key aspect of the project is the construction of a new office park that will replace the former Trilluses site, which closed in October 2019.

Construction is expected to begin on the site in 2021.

The Trillusions site will be used to build the city’s first commercial office tower, and Trillumeans chief executive, Chris Burt, said it was an opportunity to re-create the city centre.

“It’s a significant project,” Mr Burt said.

“We’ve got a lot of experience in commercial office towers, so we knew we wanted to take it on and create something that would be world class and world class in terms of size and density.”

When you look at it, we’re looking at a project of 1.6 million square metres, so that’s an incredible footprint.

“The building itself is one of the largest in Melbourne, so it’s really a really impressive project.”

Trillum is a joint venture between Trillumes partners, Triluminas and the City of Melbourne, with Trillulla and Trills being the main tenants.

The City of Sydney is a long-term tenant on the Trillumi site, and its lease expires in 2022.

The project has been supported by the State Government and Trillium is supported by state-owned Commonwealth Bank and Australian Taxation Office.

A spokesman for the City said the building was built with a high degree of collaboration with Trills’ partner, Trillo.

“City of Sydney supports Trillimans vision to create a world-class office park for the Sydney CBD and is committed to ensuring the site meets the high standards of this ambitious project,” the spokesman said.