How to tell if you have been damaged by a building construction

By now, most of you have heard of the construction collapse in the Oklahoma City suburb of Oklahomans capital of Tulsa last year.

Construction has been halted since the collapse, which was triggered by a faulty electrical wiring system that caused fires to break out at several nearby structures. 

Oklahoma State Police say that some of the structures burned down and that three people died. 

“This is one of the worst incidents we’ve seen in a while,” Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told reporters. 

The fire began when a building was built at a site near the city’s airport, but the electrical system was faulty, forcing residents to take shelter in a home. 

When fire crews arrived, they found that the electrical wiring had been damaged, causing the fires to spread.

The fires were not contained until firefighters were able to put out the fires, and the fire spread into nearby homes. 

Authorities have blamed faulty wiring, but there has been no proof of the cause. 

Now, a new project is trying to put a human face on the tragedy. 

It’s called Choate Construction Feedback, and it’s part of the firm’s “Build for Change” initiative.

The idea is that the firm wants to show what happens to buildings when they are built poorly. 

To do this, the firm is putting in place some of its own construction reviews, which will be reviewed by experts to see if they can help to prevent similar incidents from happening again. 

Choate has put in place a review process for every single building it has completed in Oklahoma since it opened its doors in 2013. 

According to a statement from the firm, it will look at all the buildings on the site that it has worked on, as well as the number of people that were involved in the construction, to determine how many buildings could have been saved. 

So far, there is no word on how many people will be put on the chopping block. 

A spokesperson for Choate said in a statement to ABC News that the review process is “ongoing,” but added that the company is not considering firing anyone. 

But this new program isn’t just aimed at building communities. 

This project is also being used to raise awareness about the importance of building safety and good infrastructure. 

As the Oklahoma Fire Department puts it, the review will help improve building construction in Oklahoma. 

In an email to ABC, the fire department said that “the review process will help prevent future disasters.” 

The company said that it will not be offering refunds for the $50 “Build For Change” reward. 

ABC News has reached out to Choate for more information on this new initiative.